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WAHGA is managed by Trustees who may stand for re-election at the AGM.  The charity trustees delegate some of their powers and functions to the Operating Committee, having determined the terms and conditions on which the delegation is made.  The charity trustees may at any time alter those terms and conditions or revoke the delegation. Volunteers also support the trustees

WAHGA Trustees

Spring Onion

Leila Brown

Caroline Freeman



Operating Committee


Chair – Diane Ewart


Vice Chair & Social Media / Website Admin – Pippa Graeme


Secretary – Pippa Graeme (acting)


Treasurer – Laura Yates (acting)


Membership Secretary – Leila Brown 

Biodiversity and Sustainability – James Higgins 


Strategy – Peter Harman


Pippa Graeme


James Higgins 


AGM – 5th April 2024

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