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Gardeners, allotment plot-holders and prospective allotmenteers are invited to be members of Weybridge Allotment Holders' and Gardeners' Association (WAHGA).

The association provides help and advice, runs social events and competitions and organises other initiatives such as mentoring, recycling drives and sharing of produce.  We also organise bulk purchase of items such as manure, compost, seeds and seed potatoes at great discounts.

We also run a very active and helpful Facebook group - just click here


Free WAHGA membership until September 2024.  To join simply click on the Membermojo link below.

Registered Charity Number 1189633

Allotment Plots at Churchfields

The allotment site in central Weybridge (Churchfield Allotments) is owned and managed by Weybridge Land Charity.  To register interest in having an allotment plot at Churchfields please send an email to


Bean Pod


As well as reading the useful Factsheets and Month-by-Month articles on this website (under the Members tab). Why not apply for a mentor to help give you one-to-one advice. We are a welcoming group of enthusiastic gardeners and only too happy to share our knowledge and build the WAHGA community spirit.

Drop an email to WAHGA giving us a bit of information about you and your needs.  We'll contact you to set it up!

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