Jobs for November

These jobs are mainly the same as October's, and should be done before the hard frosts.


  • Before the soil is too hard, plant bare-rooted fruit canes and bushes.

  • Divide the rhubarb crowns if they have grown very large.

  • Remove any fruit that is still hanging on the trees - it will rot otherwise.

  • Put grease or grease bands (sold in the allotment shop) on the trunks to protect from winter moth from climbing up and laying its eggs.


  • As last month, you can plant onions, shallots and garlic.

  • if you are growing salad leaves, etc, protect them with fleece or with a cloche.

  • Harvest parsnips, swedes, leeks, kale, cauliflowers, celeriac (see below) and winter cabbage.

  • Harvest Brussels sprouts from the bottom up so the smaller sprouts have a chance to swell.

  • Celeriac and carrots should be in before the hard frosts.

  • Protect celeriac and globe artichokes with straw if frost is forecast.


  • Have a bonfire. Old crops should be cleared up and burnt as they harbour pests and diseases.

  • Collect fallen leaves while they are damp and put them in a plastic sack to rot. Tie the sack up, pierce it a few times with a garden fork and leave it on the soil in a shady place where it won't be disturbed. It will rot down to about a quarter of its bulk. This usually takes a year, when you can just spread this around the base of your choicest plants. They will love it.

  • Dig over the plot (this is terrific excercise and will put you in a good mood), or cover it and leave it to the worms.