WAHGA Member Discounts

We've negotiated WAHGA member discounts with the following:

Gok's Kitchen (Weybridge)

Fish'd (Weybridge)

Danieli Chocolates (on line)

GardenSkill (on line)

Rocket Gardens (on line)

HOTBIN (on line)

...with more coming soon

WAHGA Membership Card

To access your WAHGA membership card for local discounts this is what to do:


1.  Click on this link https://membermojo.co.uk/wahga. You may find you are already signed in. If not... 


2.  Click on the 'sign in' button top right and follow the prompts.


3. Once you are signed in, click on the ‘Your Membership’ tab and you will find one of the options is 'Membership Card' View or download your card for printing.'


4.  Click 'view card' You can then either print your card and pop it in your wallet, or simply take a photo of the  card so you have it available on your phone.


We are also very happy to print your card off and post it to you if you would prefer. Just let us know by emailing us at weybridgeallotments@gmail.com

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Gok's Kitchen is offering WAHGA members a generous discount scheme.  10% off takeaway drinks and 15% off your food bill, when dining at Gok's Kitchen during 2022. 

In order to take advantage of this offer, let the staff know when ordering and show your WAHGA membership card.

For those of you who haven't been to Gok's before, they are a Turkish café/restaurant based on Weybridge high street with a delightful garden at the back. As well as a wide ranging drinks menu and excellent food, including some Turkish dishes, they also have delicious homemade cakes: https://thegokskitchen.com/


Screenshot 2022-02-14 at 18.34.25.png
Screenshot 2022-02-14 at 18.34.20.png

It has been a pleasure welcoming Bridget, Chiara and Lucia to plot 59A,
we are delighted Bridget is adding to our WAHGA member discounts by
offering 15% discount on the delicious chocolates from her online shop - Danieli.


Simply click on the blue link to enter the online shop Danieli Chocolates and enter the code WAHGA15 at the checkout, where the discount will be applied.


Lovely at any time - and with Mother's Day and Easter on the way



Fish’d is offering a 10% discount on Wednesdays, to WAHGA members when showing the membership card.   


Fish'd are an independent fishmongers, committed to sourcing the freshest and most sustainable fish and shellfish. Their display cabinet is like a work of art and their fish super-fresh. Wednesday is their quietest day but they have let us know that, if there is enough custom from WAHGA members, they will extend the discount to other days in the week. https://www.fishd.co.uk/pages/about-us



We have negotiated a 15% discount  for WAHGA members. If you are ordering email weybridgeallotments@gmail.com and we will give you the discount code which you apply at the checkout ('apply coupon'). 


Rocket Gardens are an excellent provider of vegetable plug plants, herbs and potted fruit plants. A number of plot-holders have been using them with great success. They are fastidious about getting plants to customers speedily and safely, and in eco friendly (compostable) packaging. We have always found their customer service to be excellent. Their website is clear and helpful. Rocket's weekly newsletter, which drops into your inbox first thing on a Saturday, is informative, topical and helpful - so is worth subscribing to. https://www.rocketgardens.co.uk/


Pop up nettting.jpeg


We have agreed a WAHGA member discount of 10% on all orders placed in 2022.  


If you are planning to place and order email weybridgeallotments@gmail.com. 

We will give you the discount code to apply at checkout.


Many plot-holders have already used Gardenskill plant protection products with great success - much to the annoyance of the local pigeon community! Their products are high quality and reliable. https://www.gardenskill.com/


We have agreed a WAHGA member discount of £5 on all orders placed in 2022.  


Blackmoor Nurseries are the UK's leading specialist fruit nurseries, based in Hampshire, they have been growing fruit plants and trees for over 90 years. They have an extensive selection available from their website direct. https://www.blackmoor.co.uk


HOTBIN, are an aerobic composting bin which reaches temperatures of 40-60°c breaking down garden waste and all kitchen waste into compost in just 30-90 days. 

No power source is required.  


A few plot-holders have HOTBINs on their allotment plots and have been very pleased with the results. There are two sizes, you can read about them here: https://www.hotbincomposting.com/


The main suppliers of the HOTBIN have offered WAHGA members a discount on the basis that we can put together a group order of 2 or more. An order of 2-5 units will give a 10% discount and 6+ units a 15% discount,


HOTBIN Mk.2 - has a 200 litre capacity with a RRP of £270. 

10% saving of £27 per bin - £243 per bin

15% saving of £40.50 - £229.50 per bin 


HOTBIN Mini - has a 100 litre capacity with a  RRP of £200.   

10% saving of £20 per bin - £180 per bin

15% saving of £30 per bin - £170 per bin

If you would like to be included in a combined WAHGA order please let us know by Saturday 19th March - by replying to me or emailing weybridgeallotment@gmail.com.    Once we have a tally we can confirm the final price. We will arrange for the HOTBINs to be delivered to one address so you don't need to worry about taking delivery.


If you would like to chat to any members who have HOTBINS already (or would like to arrange to see one on site) just let me know!